Your Kitchen; The Star of the Home

YOUR KITCHEN; THE STAR OF THE HOME: We know that the real star in any home is the kitchen! It’s the gathering place for family and friends. As a cook, you want certain things like; a good flow between the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink with room for more than one! Cabinets are also important not only for storage- A MUST HAVE- but, also need to be easily cleaned, well lit, and the place to add color. Countertops are needed for work-space and food placement for those big get-togethers! The styles are endless these days in choosing the countertops you desire, keeping in mind the longevity of their current and future resale value. In creating your kitchen, one thing highly recommended is an island. An island offers more workspace, more seating, and even an option for an extra sink – a MUST for anyone who loves to cook! An island also offers space for a microwave oven and a dishwasher, plus more storage for those bulky appliances. When designing your home, you know best what suits your family and lifestyle. But, never think short-term in designing your kitchen!

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