Living Spaces; Cozy Up or Formal Living

LIVING SPACES; COZY UP OR FORMAL LIVING: A great way to jazz-up a square or rectangular plain room is to add some architectural interests like wood beams to the ceiling. They add interest to an otherwise plain area usually neglected. Woodwork in homes is making a comeback now as many people want to warm up their homes. Wood is also being used again in the trim and staircase as well. However, some find wood fussy and harder to maintain. But, there is a solution to plain versus fussy; a simple crown molding around the room, fireplaces, and hearths can be a great way to enhance the feel of your living space as well. The options are limitless. Many folks are looking to simplify and pare-down, opting for an open, airy feel. Using a simple trim on the walls to create panels or a chair rail is a good way to add interest. These can be simple to install and maintain. These are just a few examples for you to consider when designing your home, your space that makes you think, “I’m home and am happy to be here.”

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