Curb Appeal; First Impressions Count

CURB APPEAL; FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT: Many times in choosing a home design, we look at the home layout plan first. but, keep in mind that the first thing you and everyone else will see is the front of your home. Curb appeal is the first impression of your home; what it says about the people who live there. It truly does make a statement. Sometimes this is dictated by the place, the neighborhood in which you plan to live. Whether that means a small entrance porch or something grander like a full wrap-around veranda, there are many ways to make sure it says “Welcome”! Know that whatever style of house you choose, you can make certain changes to the house plans! A small porch and entrance can be turned into something with a bit more ‘welcoming’ factor just by making your porch a bit larger to add your flare! Or, perhaps you’d like to have something where your family and friends gather on a warm summer’s day, adding some ceiling fans to keep a breeze going and a swing and chairs for company, bringing back times of old. It’s all up to you. Just remember, when you pull-up to your home, you want to feel good about what it says right there from the drive.

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